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J.T. McHale - Slaters, Plasterers & General Builders

Based in Clydebank, we offer our Building & Joinery services throughout Glasgow and across Scotland.

Our Team

Our team is lead by Jim McHale who has been working in the building trade for some 45 years now.  He has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge throughout his experiences in the construction industry and is always delighted to discuss all works with his team of employees to ensure they are always learning new methods whenever possible.

In the office is Rosemarie McHale who is always keen to speak with all our Clients should they be requiring advice.  Rosemarie will take your telephone message and deal with this accordingly.  All works will be dealt with to the best of our ability and we endeavour to create good conversational skills with all our Clients at all times.  Rosemarie will do her best to accommodate all enquiries and ensure they are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In our employee team we have Brian, Gordon, George, Fraser, Graham, Adam and Gareth who will always be available to attend to the works in question.  These boys are all very knowledgeable in their trades and have qualified to very high standards through their individual college courses in Glasgow.  They will always leave a good, clean tidy job and discuss all needs with our Clients ensuring Clients are happy with the finished job .  We would welcome feedback from our Clients to confirm our experiences.

Our team will always do their jobs to their best ability and will endeavour to work in a clean, healthy and safe environment at all times.


Our Awesome Clients

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